On August 23, 2013, the UN-designated International Day of Remembrance of the Trans-Atlantic Slave and Its Abolition and the anniversary of the Haitian Revolution, an ancestral remembrance ceremony was held and a historic marker installed at Historic Jamestowne. Diplomats from five African nations, including Ambassador Oguin of Benin, joined chiefs from three Native American tribes, members of the descendant community,  local residents, various religious organizations, educational and cultural institutions, government officials, and visitors to honor captured Africans who had endured the Middle Passage.

With this event, that included the marker, a more accurate and inclusive history of Africans and their descendants is available for all at this iconic location, the site of the first permanent British colony on the North American continent. This event reinforces the fact that many of these colonies were established, developed, and sustained by a diverse people: European, African, and Native American.

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