Why History?

During the past several weeks, board members of the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project have found themselves frequently in conversations with people who suggest that we sustain a more formal educational component, something beyond this blog. One comment was that the United States in particular does not value history or anything in the past. Our people were described as more comfortable in the present or headed into the Read More

Adinkra Symbols

This month the project began soliciting post topics from board members and interested persons. There was a suggestion to explore the significance of adinkra symbols to the Akan, Ghanaians, and persons in the Diaspora. It seemed like an easy subject to tackle and so research was started. In exploring this subject, the use of symbols, pictographs and hieroglyphics as language mushroomed. In the same manner that advertisers and manufacturers create a Read More

Logo Design

We have completed the logo design which incorporates three basic symbols that are familiar to most of us in the Diaspora: The Circle which contains it all. It is, with this project, repaired. The vision of those involved in this undertaking is that with the project’s completion the circle of living and ancestors will be whole, united. The Cross represents intersections and cycles. For many over the centuries it is a symbol of Read More