Imagine: From the Black Atlantic to a New World Order

Some people ask why this blog dredges up the history of the Middle Passage. What is the point of looking back to a time of such pain and misery, a time when millions of Black people were so systematically abused? Why dwell on such horror? It’s a good question, however; one worth answering from time to time as we try to connect events in the here and now to what Read More

The Negro National Anthem–As You’ve Never Seen it Before…/ A Black History Moment

Although February has been established as Black History Month the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project wishes to post this video on this first day of March. We acknowledge that our history spans every day of the year and we hope that you will keep that in mind as you visit our site and read the posts. Please remember all those whose shoulders and backs we stand upon today. Read More